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Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Don’t Go to Church-- Be the Church!

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Drink Deep of Christ, and Flow to Others

From Neighborhoods to Nations!

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290 Community Church- Disciples who Make Disciples

How to flee temptation? Don’t do what Samson did…

Lead Pastor Greg Despres shares God’s vision for 290 Community Church– Make Disciples that Drink and Flow… Listen Here


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What are we about?


  • We exist to exalt Christ by making disciples that make disciples.


  • In order to fulfill our Mission we will Drink Deep of Christ and Flow to Others from neighborhoods to nations.

Value Practices and Life Attitudes

  • We must first be led by Jesus.
  • Prayer is the work.
  • The Bible is central to our lives.
  • We don’t Go to church, We are the Church.
  • People typically belong before they believe.
  • Every Life Group has the DNA of the Church.
  • Every believer is a minister, and ministry is not a spectator sport.
  • Any vision smaller than the world is too small a vision.
  • We are a spiritual-leadership factory.